Nikola Šibalić’s web directory#

Making the world more easily understandable.

Starting with one atom and one photon at a time, ending up building new tools and new infrastructure.

Using guerilla fighting skills, applied to many-body non-equilibrium systems, helped with distributed tools, and with disregard of excessive labels.

With passion to improve knowledge accessibility and (re)use.

This is a directory of my realized projects undertaken with the above stated goals and approach. They include both research, educational, open-source and community based projects. If you are a scientists or educator check Knowledge infrastructure, if you are doing AMO physics research check Research, and if you are learning check Teaching. Hopefully something would be useful, something can be reused in your work, something maybe intriguing, and you might even want to contribute and improve. You can also get in touch at nikola sibalic delete_spaces_put_@

Nikola Šibalić