I have been involved in teaching, course/competition creation, marking, and supervision at all levels of physics eduction (primary school -> highschool -> undergraduate -> postgraduate).

Selected materials#

  • Free, interactive introductory eBook to Rydberg physics for advanced undergraduate and new postgraduates, covers introduction to highly excited Rydberg states in atoms and solid state, and their applications in quantum optics, metrlogy and quantum simulation.

  • Physics world blogpost and article about using interactive materials to enhance learning and improve discussion of ideas is available here.

Additionally, check projects that can be used to support both teaching and suppport on Knowledge infrastructure page :

  • Roundtable online table and whiteboard for meetings with collaborative feedback, supporting file sharing, collaborative annotations, equations, etc.

  • Caroline - framework for creation of HTML based presentations, with optional features that allow interaction with audience through quizzes and collaborative whiteboard sharing.

Round table meetings#


I have been organizing meeetings of early stage researchers (PhDs and postdocs), connecting different groups in department, using a new format of meetings to focus on efficient communication of transferable ideas. For more details on methodology of the meetings check the infographics.

Experimental hardware design#

Video introduction accessible to lay public, on importance of scientific instruments, introducing a web platform ResearchX3D for sharing scientific apparatus models, stories and design tips.